Practice Areas


If you were wrongly convicted, given an unjust or illegal sentence, or received an unfavorable judgment from a judge or jury, SkeltonLaw can appeal your case. Likewise, if you won in the trial court and your opponent has appealed, SkeltonLaw will fight to protect your victory. SkeltonLaw will meticulously review trial records, identifying errors in legal procedures or rulings, and craft compelling written and oral arguments to appellate courts. SkeltonLaw can also write amicus briefs before state and federal appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court. Having briefed and argued appeals across the country, SkeltonLaw has a comprehensive understanding of appellate strategy.

Criminal Defense

If you are the target of a federal grand jury or charged with a federal crime, SkeltonLaw provides exceptional representation. With a deep understanding of search and seizure law, federal sentencing and mitigation issues, and forensic evidence, SkeltonLaw will vigorously defend your rights.

Post Conviction

SkeltonLaw’s post-conviction practice ensures that justice is done, even after conviction and sentencing. With a thorough understanding of the procedural issues involved in petitioning for writs of habeas corpus or filing for post-conviction relief, SkeltonLaw will review the trial record to uncover constitutional violations and prosecutorial misconduct, thoroughly investigate the issues, and craft compelling petitions. With a commitment to fairness, SkeltonLaw will fight for the relief you or your loved one deserves and to rectify any injustice in prior criminal proceedings.

Ethics and Security Clearance Investigations

SkeltonLaw represents professionals facing ethics, security clearance, or licensing investigations. Understanding that an investigation can have a profound impact on your career and livelihood, SkeltonLaw works tirelessly to provide a robust defense, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you receive fair treatment throughout the investigation process, offering strategic guidance and unwavering support while advocating for your best interests.